National Business Women’s Week

“The third full week in October ushers in National Business Women’s Week each year. The observance focuses on the accomplishments of women in business. It also takes a look at the past and how far women in business have come and how far they have yet to go.

Every year, women in the workforce take on stronger, more empowering roles. They run their own businesses, take charge of the boardroom, and build upon last year’s successes. At one time, very few women even had a voice.” SOURCE

Let’s celebrate all the strong women in our lives, those who inspire us, those we admire; and support one another to be everything we can and want to be!

I want to continue to inspire and be inspired, that’s why I’ve started my Women in Power Wednesdays to shine light on the women around us doing amazing things. Please join me, share your story or share a story of another woman who has inspired you. Let’s take this journey together and build a community of strong, empowering women.

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