Pam Ahart-Steward

Meet Pam!

I’m a wife, pet parent, entrepreneur and I love to dance in the rain. I’m inspired by: books, art, cooking, travel, meditation, nature and serving others. Most importantly I love reflecting on my Seasons of Life and PRAISE GOD for all the obstacles He brought me through!

In 1998, I was inspired by my love for pets to start an in-home pet sitting business, All Friends Pet Care to provide a much-needed service for pet owners in Northern Virginia. I was one of the very few black women in the United States who owned a pet care business of this kind. Along with my life-long best friend and business partner, Beth, we continued to expand it into a million dollar, award winning, pet sitting business by our sixth year in operation. Now, 25 years later, through highs and lows, we continue to thrive and remain the top-ranked pet industry business in our area. 

Throughout the years I have been blessed to have a few other successful endeavors to include: opening and franchising a self-service dog wash, Bark ‘N Bubbles, TV Host of Reston’s African American Legacy Series “The Next Generation,” and most recently a certified Radio Producer.

Coaching is my calling, and I have the desire to inspire Women Entrepreneurs.

Pam Inspired, LLC is a faith-based coaching organization designed to overcome road blocks, and tackle and limiting beliefs head on. Discover new perspectives and create a plan of action to reach your goals. 

I believe you live your best life when you are inspired. You feel good and motivated knowing your possibilities are endless!

A Few Fun Facts:

  • I am spiritual
  • I am adopted
  • I found my birth mother 3 years ago
  • I’m a dog person, cat person, anything four-legged person!
  • I love 80’s music
  • I LOVE Sushi
  • I love when it rains
  • I live by love your neighbor as yourself
  • I love to dance

Live Life Inspired!

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel